The Lawyer’s Reimbursment Act a a is a regulation that was brought by the Bar Association of Serbia, in accordance with the Law on Advocacy. It came into force on January 1st 2013. It was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia no. 121/2012. It represents the official legal fees and all attorneys are obliged to calculate their fee (price) on its basis when they perform their basic activity, which is providing legal aid to legal and natural persons. In addition to the application of Tariff fees, the lawyer may, in written agreement with the client, agree that the fee will be calculated after the time spent on the subject. In this case, the fee is agreed upon between the lawyer and the client, but it can not be less than 4,750 dinars per hour spent on the case. In certain cases, a lawyer may reduce the fee prescribed by the tariff to a maximum of 50% of its amount. This relates to situations where a client can not bear the full fee, due to his economic status.



In the criminal proceedings, the lawyer’s fee shall be calculated according to the amount of imprisonment imposed for a specific criminal offense, which was brought to the client’s lawyer or in case the lawyer represents the injured party, depending on his status in the criminal procedure (damaged, private prosecutor or damaged as a prosecutor). The fee is paid upon the executed action.

Imposed imprisonment
Defense or Representation
by the Hearing
of damaged by
Composition of appeal
or other Legal
Composition of initial
Acts for
staring a Proceeding
Composition of
other Acts
up to 3 years 18.000 9.750 33.000 16.500 8.250
over 3 up to 5 years 24.000 12.750 45.000 22.500 11.250
over 5 up to 10 years 31.500 16.500 60.000 30.000 15.000
over 10 up to 15 years 46.500 24.000 90.000 45.000 22.500
over 15 years 61.500 31.500 120.000 60.000 30.000


In the proceedings in which their value can be estimated, the fee is determined according to this value. For example. If a lawsuit is being filed for the determination of the property right in the apartment, the market value of the apartment can be estimated roughly, or if the procedure for the payment of the debt is conducted, the value of that dispute can be immediately determined accurately. In all such and similar situations, whether it is a lawsuit, an administrative procedure, a compilation of a document on legal affairs, the following table for the calculation of the fee is applied.

Value of the Proceeding
up To
Composition of the Submission Representation at hearings
(per Hearing)
Representation at postponed
hearings (per Hearing)
Composition of Appeal
and other Legal
up to 450.000 6.000 7.500 4.500 12.000
up to 750.000 9.000 10.500 6.000 18.000
up to 1.500.000 11.500 12.750 7.125 22.500
up to 3.000.000 16.500 18.000 9.750 33.000
up to 6.000.000 22.500 24.000 12.750 45.000
up to 12.000.000 30.000 31.500 16.500 60.000
up to 24.000.000 37.500 39.000 20.250 75.000
up to 48.000.000 45.000 46.500 24.000 90.000
over 48.000.000 45.000 + 30 on each 300.000 46.500 + 30 on each 300.000 29.000 + 30 on each 300.000 90.000 + 30 on each 300.000
over 120.000.000 52.200 + 30 on each 900.000 53.700 + 30 on each 900.000 27.600 + 30 on each 900.000 104.400 + 30 on each 900.000
over 300.000.000 58.200 + 30 on each 4.500.000 max. 88.200 59.700 + 30 on each 4.500.000 max. 89.700 30.600 + 30 on each 4.500.000 116.400 + 30 on each 4.500.000


In proceedings in which the value can not be assessed, the fee is calculated according to the type of procedure in which the lawyer acts.

Type of proceeding Composition of submission Representation at Hearing
(per Hearing)
Representation at
postponed Hearing
Composition of Appeal
and other Legal
Disturbing of property, divorce, labor disputes (value not assesed),
other civil misdemeanors,
family disputes, cadaster proceedings
-where value is not assesed, administrative proceedings
(Law on General Administrative Procedure or Family Law
and others), submissions to business registry (APR)
16.500 18.000 9.750 33.000
proceedings before the government bodies, others 19.500 21.000 11.250 39.000
land use, tenant, misdemeanor
in police proceedings, other
22.500 24.000 12.750 45.000
determination of paternity, violations to
pre-trial courts, regulation of personal situations,
bankruptcy and liquidation (invaluable) administrative procedures
dispute before inspections, domestic arbitration
and mediation (invaluable), others before MC
22.500 27.000 14.250 51.000
Alimentation 6.000 7.500 4.500 12.000
Exercise of parental rights 11.250 12.750 7.125 22.500
economic offenses, regulation
of property relations (invaluable),
administrative procedures and disputes
(tax, customs, police),
other VS disputes
30.000 31.500 16.500 60.000
other disputes before the Administrative Court 36.000 37.500 19.500 72.000
copyright disputes (invaluable),
proceedings before the Constitutional Court,
international court and arbitration (invaluable)
45.000 46.500 24.000 90.000


It refers to the actions that the lawyer undertakes for the client, which are not covered in the above cases.

Type of Action Fee
Contracts and other legal Acts 1,5% from the contractual value, or the amount of full fee according to tables, not less than 6.000
Miscellaneous letters 3.000
Admonishments, getting familiar with the subject, reviewing the case file 50% from the fee in the Tables
Survey of land registers, extracting copies and transcripts, obtaining clauses of validity or enforceability 20% from the fee in the Tables
Legal advice Oral: 50% from the fee in the Tables, Written: 100% from the fee in the Tables
Composition of the contractual agreement, general (general) contracts, statute, founding act 30.000
Composition of wills, other invaluable contracts, individual acts 19.500
Compostition of POE 13.500
Composition of other statements 11.250
Composition of service contracts 16.500
Composition of commercial agency contract, general acts of legal entities 25.500